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Cancellation Policy
You may cancel your Tea Runners membership at any time.  If you are on a 3 or 6 month plan and wish to cancel before the term has ended, you will be refunded the remainder at the rate of the monthly plan. 

For example: you signed up for a 6 month plan and have paid $127.50 ($21.25 per box). If you have received 3 boxes and wish to cancel, you will receive $127.50 -$25 -$25 -$25 = $52.20 refunded.  (You will not receive $127.50 - $21.25 - $21.25 - $21.25 = $63.75 refunded.) 


Use of this Website
We will not tolerate the use of our site or services for illegal or immoral purposes. As this is our Site, what we believe is immoral is in our sole discretion and we reserve the right to ban any use which we believe crosses our boundaries of what we believe is decent. As a general guideline we will not tolerate the use of the site to illicit illegal actions or postings that promote drugs or bad or illegal acts or sites. We may, also at our sole discretion decide we do not want to do business with you and may cease providing service to you.

If you file suit against us for more then you will responsible for our attorney’s fees and costs. You specifically agree to the terms in this paragraph as well.