tea runners photo contest


Get Tea Runners for FREE

We're giving away 6 month, 3 month, and 1 month Tea Runners memberships for free! Yes, FREE. This even includes international memberships (we'll pay for shipping).

We need beautiful photos of our product for our website and print. We loved the amazing photos our members were taking and sharing on social media, so we thought this would be a fun win-win contest! 

MAIN PRIZE(S):  Free 6 Month Membership

We're giving away free 6 month memberships to any photo we end up using as a main banner on our website. This includes the main page or any other page on

Photo must include our product.  Using your smartphone is fine, but photos must be submitted in high resolution. Landscape mode is essential.

Take a look at the following websites' main page banner images for inspiration: / / /

2nd Place Prize(s):  Free 3 Month Membership

2nd place prizes will go to any other submitted photos that we would like to use on our website or in print. 

3rd Place Prize(s):  1 FREE BOX for 'Honorable Mentions'

We'll give a free Tea Runners box to any photos we consider "honorable mentions."  This might be someone who deserves a free box for the effort, someone who made us laugh, or whatever else.  Have some fun!

Contest Rules

All photos must be submitted to There is no official end date to this contest, because your great photos always deserve the world's finest teas for free.

Additional contest rules. 

  • Winners must agree to give us full rights to their photo to use in any way. 
  • This contest does not include photos you put on social media that we retweet or re-publish on Instagram or Facebook. It applies only to photos we want to use on our website or in print.
  • If you submit multiple photos worthy of multiple prizes, we will award you with a maximum of three 6-month memberships. 
  • You are welcome to give your prize(s) to friends or family.