april 2017 box

The April 2017 box contains:

  • Black Masala - From an award-winning company, blended with an award-winning CTC Black tea, this spicy tea is a real standout.
  • Orthodox Earl Grey - "The best Earl Grey I've ever had," said many at our tasting event. Also from the same award-winning company as the Black Masala.  
  • Creme de la Berry Green - A fantastic green tea blended with chocolate and strawberries. 
  • Winter Wonderland Rooibos - An outstanding caffeine-free blend that tasted like a fine birthday cake to us. 5/5!



about us

If you're going to drink tea, drink the best tea.

Tea Runners is a creation of Charlie Ritchie and his exceptionally beautiful and talented wife Jewel Staite. Every month we taste dozens of teas - along with family and friends - and select our favorites.

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Shown here: the award winning amber oolong from Nepal