Even though Tea Runners is an experience of tea curation, we believe that you should get the kinds of tea you love in every box. To deliver the highest quality tea subscription possible, we allow our members to customize their monthly boxes by swapping out teas for any number of reasons:

Maybe you’re getting the All Black Box and see something in the Herbal Box you really want to try…

Maybe you’ve got a stash of a certain tea from our store and don’t need another small pouch of it…

Maybe you see one you REALLY love and want to receive two of them…

Maybe you’re allergic to an ingredient in an upcoming tea…

The choice is yours.

How to Customize Your Subscription Box

Every month, around the 23rd-25th day of the month, we send an email to our entire mailing list announcing what teas are coming next month. (We also post it on our news page.)

To customize your box, simply review what teas are coming and click the “Request Customization” button and make your choices.

All customization requests must be received by the 1st of the month.

Can you store my PREFERENCES on file?

At this point in time, we do not have the ability to keep preferences and allergies on file for each customer, but we are working towards it. In order to customize your box you’ll need to review what’s coming next and request a swap.


what teas can i choose?

You are able to remove any tea and replace it with any other tea offered that month, with the exception of some of the teas in our Pure Tea Box.

Our Pure Tea Box — which costs $5 more per box — contains some more expensive teas and cannot be swapped into our Original, All Black, or Herbal boxes.

Pure Tea Box members can swap for any teas offered that month.

Delivery Date

Please note that making a request to customize your box might delay your shipment by a couple days. We have to build all the customized boxes at the end of our monthly packing run to ensure that non-customized boxes receive all the teas they’ve been promised.

Contact Support

Please contact our customer support if you have any questions.